Timeline of Amroha.co.in

Year 2004 Concept of amroha.co.in was originated; inspired by Sadat e Amroha web portal running by Mr. Parvez from US
Beginning of 2005
  • Actively worked on website design (photo needed) and content. Start meeting with different people to gather core information about Amroha.
  • Some of the prominent contributors who voluntarily helps to develop this website was Mr. Qaiser Mubin (photo needed) from pachdara and Ghulam Haider sahab (photo needed) from ______
  • I have read many books on history and description of Amroha like Tariq e Amroha of Mamud Ahmad Abbasi, Kishware Auliya by ______, Raw main hai rashq e umr by Ghulam Haider (Photo of all books needed).
  • Bit by bit I have develop the content of Amroha.co.in
29 March 2005 With much enthusiasm and full determination Amroha.co.in was launched;
March 2005 to 2007
  • Various experiments with the technology were conducted.
  • I have gather support of my close friends and everybody starts contributing voluntarily in terms of time, intellect and money.
  • I have always considered Amroha as a family and expect some involvement from everyone.
  • Literally, I was not disappointed by my expectations.
  • I have always found motivation from unpredicted people and places. Arif Mujtaba sahab taught me a something very important which become a milestone for me.
  • Some unforgettable faces who has given a lot to Amroha.co.in; Ali Haider, Ravi Shridhar, Adil, Mojiz, Faraz Abbas, Shariq
  • This was the year of transformation because we have launched a web broadcasting service of Muharram for zyreens present all over world.
  • This was basically a relayed broadcasting service in which we first record the videos and upload on our website Amroha.co.in for all amrohvis present all over the world.
  • I have done it single handedly but it was not as efficient as I expect because relay time lag was 1 hour.
  • After capturing videos I went to cyber café or home to upload this on website. It was hectic and tiring process but I have enjoyed as I am getting moral support from my brother and sisters watching these clips at their places thousands of miles away.
  • Digicam was main equipment which was used to capture initial videos. This digicam was provided by Mr. Khurram.
  • Main motto behind launching these videos on Amroha.co.in was to involve those people who didn’t able to attend Muharram of Amroha and to spread the message of amroha’s azadari to all over world.
  • The main centre of operations from where all activities of liveb
2009 beginning
  • In the same Islamic year i.e. 1430 hijri, we have improved our services and many volunteers came forward with hand in hand.
  • We decreased our relayed time from 1hr to 10 mins.
  • With this improved service we have broadcast live Chehlum on Amroha.co.in
  • Mainly 2 cameras were used; atleast 1 camera was always remained with juloos and video tapes were changed as per need.
  • 2 persons were provided outstanding support to this noble cause; Mr. Raza Kamal and Dr. Ladley sahib. Their houses were main centre of broadcasting activities.
  • Mr. Khamis Ali was also played active role in year 2009. He helped out in arranging and writing the content.

June – December 2009

  • Transformation from small website to a portal.
  • Website upgraded to version 1.0 and content was rewritten with the help of Mr. S. K. Ali(Marketing Manager) & Haji Sardar Mohammed Naqvi(Travel Consultant)
  • Research was in progress from June 2009 to December 2009 for live streaming possibilities. Meeting with some IT companies who manufacturers devices related to webcasting.

December 16, 2009

  • First successful trial run from NetNovaz office on the website.

December 17, 2009

  • First formal meeting held at NetNovaz office (Bharat Nagar) with Mr. Qamar Sibtain(Cameraman), Mr. Mohsin Taqvi(Cameraman), Mr. Faraz Haider(Director-Bollywood), Mr. Faraz Hasan(JAVA Developer), Mr. Masoom Raza(IT Expert), Mr. Hasan Akhtar(IT Professional), Mr. Rafat Zaidi(IT Professional), Mr. Asghar Naqvi(HR Consultant), Mr. Haider Naqvi(Web Designer).
  • Mr. S. K. Ali(Marketing Manager) ruled out the possibilities of Live Video & suggested differed live locations.
  • Broadband provider refused to provide the services on that scale as we required the internet lease line approx 18-20 different static locations which were near to impossible due to lengthy wire requirements. 
  • There was no arrangement of broad band / lease line in Amroha, meeting continued till 3 AM.
  • 04:00 AM – Delhi to Amroha.
  • 10:30 AM – Meeting with broadband provider in Amroha.
  • 03:30 PM – Amroha to Delhi.
  • 09:00 PM – Meeting at Zakir Nagar with Mr. Faraz Haider(Director-Bollywood), Mr. Gulam Sajjad Naqvi(Manager – Delhi Jal Board) & Mr. Mohd. Alamdar Naqvi(Finance Associate) to finalize the process of webcasting.
  • Firstly funds received from Mr. Gulam Sajjad Naqvi(Manager – Delhi Jal Board)

December 18, 2009

  • Purchased all the related equipments.
  • Hired cameras on rent
2010 – 2011 Year by year we upgrade our services and provide better quality to the viewers