Amroha is one of the most ancient cities of India. It contains around 2400 year’s historical presence on world’s map.

Local theories of the source of its name differ. One originates ‘Amroha’ from the Sanskrit word “Amrovanam, the area of mangoes” another is that the name is combination of “Aam” (mango) and “Rohu” (a Kind of fish), whereas yet another traces the word of Raja Amarjoda of Bansi empire, who was in 474 B.C. named the region Amroha.

Amroha is located between Delhi and Moradabad (U.P.). it is connected by rail with Moradabad and Delhi And it also connected with high speed and one of the smoothest national highway 24.

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Our Brief History

The Foundation of Amroha

In 479 BC, Raja Amarjoda of the Bansi dynasty was the ruler of amroha.Then from 676 AD 1305 it was also ruled by Rajputs and Mughals.

The Battle of Amroha was fought on December 20 of 1305 when an army of the Delhi Sultanate crushed an invading Mongol army. For years the Mongols have been attacking India’s northwest borders.

According to many scholars, in the year of 670 AH, Hazrat Sharafuddin Shahwilayat settled in Amroha. Local legend says that the animals who live in his mazar (shrine), especially scorpions, never harm humans and this is the reason the city is popular for his shrine, known as “Bichchu wala Mazar” meaning ‘The shrine of scorpions’.

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