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  1. Amroha.co.in is setup only for the purpose of serving Amroha community. We Do not Encourage discussions on the controversial topics which may harm the harmony of Amroha city and the image of Amroha.co.in. Anyone found indulged in such activities shall be deleted from this community, to keep it clean.
  2. Abuse of any kind by any of Amroha.co.in's users will not be tolerated. Also, Amroha.co.in is not responsible for this kind of activities if it happens though we have staff to deal with such kind of situation. Any such kind of content shall be removed from time to time.
  3. Inappropriate contents like violent, abusive, pornography and others are not permitted.
  4. Copyrighted materials are not accepted. Form time to time we clean up our community from the recognized copyrighted materials. Owner of copyrights are always welcome to send us message at info@amroha.co.in for the removal of their content.
  5. We hate SPAM and disapprove it.
  6. We take our users privacy very seriously. When you register please set your privacy in you account settings. This message is also notified in the Welcome message.
  7. Please note that users have full control over their privacy.
  8. For any reason, you can contact us through our email IDs
    • info@amroha.co.in and
    • Amroha@gmail.com.
  9. No other Email IDs should be trusted on our behalf unless its notified.
  10. We will update this page on regular basis. So please be regular to this page as this will help our community to remain a beautiful place to be around.