RAIS AMROHVI 1914-1988

Eminent scholar, poet and psychoanalyst, Syed Muhammad Mehdi, also known as Rais Amrohvi was born on 12 September 1914 in Amroha. His family later migrated to Pakistan and settled in Karachi. Rais known for his unique style of Qatanigari (quatrain writing) and he penned quatrains for decades for Jang a daily news-paper published from Pakistan. He established an institution called Rais Academy which trained people for the improvement of their emotional and moral well-being. He penned a number of books on metaphysics, meditation, and yoga and Urdu translation of the Bhagavad Gita. Some of his important works include Masnavi Lala-e-Sehra (1956), Pase Ghubar (1969), Qattat – I (1969), Qattat – II (1969), Hikayaat (1975), Ba-Hazrat-e-Yazdaan (1984), Malboos-e-Bahar (1983), Aasaar (1985) etc. He was assassinated on 22 September 1988 reportedly by a religious fanatic.



Raees Amrohvi – Jashn-e Jamhoori Raees Amrohvi in Houston Texas 1983
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