Hayat Amrohi 1912-1946

Syed Muhammad Jafar, who wrote under the pen name of Hayat, was another literary personality that emerged from Amroha. He was born in 1912, at Amroha. His education began in Syed-ul-Madaris where Rais Amrohvi had been his class mate. He started a monthly magazine, Hayat from Amroha that was suspended after sometime. Following this, he came to Meerut in search of a source of earning and got a job in Daarul Uloom Mansabiya where he continued his educational process once again. For some time he worked as a teacher at Darul Uloom. Since his childhood he loved poetry, later he moved to Bombay on the invitation of Kamal Amrohi and some other friends where he composed the Lyrics of Pukaar that were a huge hit of that time. He died at a young age in 1947, at Amroha.