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Welcome to Amroha.co.in. We invite you to explore this site thoroughly and get an introduction to the city of Amroha and its vast cultural diversity. We hope that this journey is a source of education, exploration and nostalgia. If you are not a Amrohvi, then let this site serve as a means of introducing Amroha to you, and provide you with options for exploring the beauty of this city further. If you are a Amrohvi, then let this site kindle a fire for advancing your knowledge about the city further and exploring ways to contribute towards it.

The Website is created and maintained by a group of volunteers from fields as diverse as IT, Medicine, Finance, Management, Theology, etc. The vision and ultimate aim of this project is to link together and organise the community to bring it to a common platform for dissemination and sharing of knowledge by harnessing the power, effectiveness and efficiency of Information and Web technologies. We strongly believe that this integration and knowledge management would create a synergy that would help us pave a better future for generations to come. Please keep visiting the site to see it happen!

One of the objectives of the site is also to provide basic, balanced and accurate picture of the city and its vast cultural history. All reasonable attempts have been made to prevent inauthentic information from being carried on this site. However, we in no way can guarantee the absolute authenticity of all of the data and should not be held responsible for any errors herein. Furthermore, we do not necessarily endorse all external links from this site.

The amroha.co.in Core Team and Working Group members are volunteer developers, designers, professional photographers, mass-media professionals, administrators and managers who have worked together to take amroha.co.in! to new heights in its relatively short life. Amroha.co.in team has some wonderfully talented people taking some powerfull new concepts to the forefront of social networking websites standards. We’ve received amazing response from visitors and members of Amroha.co.in over the Live Video Broadcasting. Live video broadcasting is a major leap forward and represents the most exciting amroha.co.in release in the history of the project. Now we are working on some new powerfull functionalities like online chatting , forum discussions, video and audio downloads, uploading videos and audios from the front end ect.

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Team – Amroha.co.in