Waqar Ul Mulk

A beautiful gate “Waqar ul Mulk Gate” stands tall in sweet memory of Waqarul Mulk near Amroha railway station. Maulvi Mushtaq Hussain aka Waqarul Mulk – administrator, a good manager to liaison with and a man with multi-facial personality. He was born in Amroha, through his administrative skills he found a job of Tehseeldar with Nizam of Hyderabad, who later promoted him as one of his able minister.

Nawab Waqar Ul Mulk was later found by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan to assist him in his great academic mission to liberalize the Muslims of Indian subcontinent i.e. Aligarh movement. At Aligarh he proved to be the man of worth. He was the one who insisted the likes of Nizam to loose big buck from their enormous wealth for the mission. His academic and administrative skills made him the man who can never be forgotten by the community.