Bazm-E-Marsiya in Ansari Auditorium, Jamia

International scholar from Iran, Maulana M. Agha Mehdvipuri Ansari Auditorium was full Saleem Haider
Ameer Hasan 'Amir' Reciting Noha Marsiya Khwans From Amroha (Husain Imam, Shane Haider, Hasan Imam, Samar mushtaba, Zaid Bin Ali)

Imam Husain, the Grand Son of Holy Prophet laid down his life along-with his 71 companions, at Karbala on 10th Moharram 61Hijri, giving lesson to mankind that mightiest tyrant ruler can be defeated by self sacrifice. Late Dr.Radha Kishan, former president, and great thinker & philosopher said, “ Arms are not needed to fight against Adharma (falsehood) if we are prepared to offer sacrifice Like Husain”, 30000 strong army of Yazeed tyrant ruler of Arab, killed Imam Husain and his 71 companions with three days continued hunger and thirst. But failed in his nefarious plans to undo reformations done by Holy Prophet. Entire World remembers sacrifices of Husain.

In remembrance of karbala, poetic tributes were paid by well known mersia reciter Ustaad Hasan Imam and group.The group presented the well known mersia “Hussein jab ke chale” which was earlier recited by Lata Mangeshkar.

Among other international poets Dr. Shane Haider, Waseem Abbas(Dubai), Samar Naqvi, Payambar Amrohvi, Humayun Haider, Saleem Amrohvi and Miss N.Nargis paid their tributes in the memory of Martrys of Karbala.

Also international scholar from Iran, Maulana M. Agha Mehdvipuri said that in the present time the message of Imama Hussein is very important and Karbala is a lesson for Human kind.Also he stressed that Yazeed was the biggest terror for Humanity.Other eminent scholars such as Maulana Jenan Asghar from Iran and Maulana Jalal from Iraq also spread light on Karbala.

The program was conducted by Professor Abbas Raza(Nayyer Jalalpuri).
Nasir Ali(Director Civil Aviation) and Professor Mohammed Ali gave brief introduction of mersiya,a dying classical art.

The program was organised by Husan Ara Trust in Ansari Auditorium, J.M.I and was highly appreciated by the audience.