About Barah Wafat

Barah Wafat

Barah wafat is the day of Eid e Milad un Nabi which is celebrated worldwide as a birth date of Prophet Mohammad (sw). It is the 12th day of rabiul’awwal in Islamic calendar; the date is synonymously used for Eid worldwide. However, according to some traditions one sect of Muslims believes that date of Prophet (sw) birth was 17 rabiul’awwal. Yet we have seen that all the muslims of the world together celebrates this day by commemorating the Prophet (sw) in milaa’ds occurring throughout week. It is definitely a matter of fact that. During milaa’d large number of muslims are gathered at one place preferably a Masjid or Imam-bargah where sincere gratitude is being presented to Prophet (sw) in form of naat and kalaam. The name Barah wafat, is taken to indicate the twelve days of sickness of the Prophet which ended in his death. Amroha has a long tradition of celebrating this day with high enthusiasm and full energy. Barah wafat juloos is very famous in Amroha in which is brings all the muslims of the Amroha on roads to become a part of grand gathering. This day shows great strings of unity and tranquility among muslims of all sects.

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