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a sporty dyke is really what it may sound like: a lesbian whom really loves all of them some sports. Or at least, look truly hot in leggings. Its kind of like in the event the lesbian world had been Spice globe. We now have

baby dykes

sporty dykes, terrifying dykes (your ex’s ex), expensive dykes (

high femmes

), and ginger dykes (red-headed lesbians?). Girl energy!

a sporty dyke is a lesbian just who enjoys them some sports. Or at the least, they look good in athleisure.

Something stylish dyke trend?

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, a sporty dyke is actually “a lesbian who dresses in sporty garments and takes on plenty of sport.” So no matter if a sporty dyke is not


at recreations, they can remain thought about a sporty dyke as long as they put on enough athleisure. (not to ever be mistaken for some


whom use athleisure but never get outside.)

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Usually, stylish dykes tend to be





, meaning they have a lot more masculine-leaning electricity and magnificence, or are more regarding “masculine” area of the butch/femme scale. But by the U.S. team, there are a great number of really hot stylish femme dykes also. Although abs commonly necessary to end up being a sporty dyke, these are generally valued.

Let’s be honest, after gentle butch queen Katie Sowers coached at the ultra Bowl this present year, we just about all turned into sporty dykes.

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