Unity in diversity

Amroha is the land of unity in diversity. Many cultures have bloomed in this land. Despite being different, people of Amroha set a perfect example of unity by taking part in each other’s happiness and sorrow. In all the major events you will find people of other cultures taking part. Dargahs are the places where you can see a diverse crowd. Also during Muharram, people of different cultures are seen distributing food packets and walking along with the processions and sometimes showering petals on mourners.

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Hindu brothers showing their love and faith towards Imam Hussain by showering mourners with Rose petals. Every year on 8th of Muharram, Hindu brothers gathers along side the procession and shower roses and petals on mourners. This eventually creates a flower bed on the roads for the mourners as they walk bare foot on roads. Some Hindus also put garlands on the Alams on 9th of Muharram when the Muharram procession passes by their shops. This make the lines true, that ” Insaan ko bedaar toh ho lene do, Har qaum pukaregi ‘Hamare hain Hussain’ ” meaning ” Let the man be awaken, every community we say Hussain is mine’ “.